Soap Chips



Answers to the most commonly asked questions are listed here.


What Is Soap Chips?

It is a ministry to assist homeless folks by offering a clean, secure shower where they are.

How Did You Come Up With The Name Soap Chips?

To me soap chips are broken left over pieces of soap. The name implies useless and disposable. Homeless folks like soap chips are anything but useless and disposable. And they should be treated as such. So each time you take a shower, and you end up with soap chips think about the usefulness of those little chips and how much that shower would mean to a homeless person.

Where Are You Located?

Good question! We will be located wherever we are allowed to be to serve. We are currently working with several Churches in the area to provide this service where it is needed. The beauty of the concept is that it is portable. We can go wherever the need exists. An actual list of future location and times can be found on this website.

How Can I help?

How can I help? We are in need of folks to assist wherever we are. We will need drivers, assistance cleaning between showers, donations of all types of supplies (socks, underwear, soap, shampoo, towels, wash clothes, razors, feminine products, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant), folks to clean towels, etc. No amount of donated time or items is too little.

Can I Donate?

Yes, the link is right here.

How Did You Think of Soap Chips?

Divine intervention I guess you would say.


Aren’t you just enabling these folks? I guess you could say that but think about this. Did you take a shower today or yesterday? If so why do the homeless deserve any less. We feed them and shelter them. Why not give them the dignity of a clean, secure shower?

Where Do You Get The Water & What Do You With Used Water?

The water used for the showers can be brought on site in our portable 300 tank. It can also be donated by the organization we are partnering with at the time the showers are being given. And finally we have access to water via the local fire hydrants. Gray water is disposed of properly according to HRSD rules and regulations.

Is This Being Done Elsewhere?

Yes! We are sure there are several other providers of this type service around the country. We have worked with the folks at Lava Mae as they are an excellent source of information and help.

Can You Describe The Showers?

The portable trailer is 8’ wide by 10’ long. It is a duel axil trailer with 4 shower stalls and a central mechanical area. Each shower is self-contained with lights, vents, small dressing and undressing area, and that is it. The overall trailer is very compact and small. It would fit into one parking space. It will be towed by a pickup truck that can remain attached or not. There are (2) 40 gallon propane tanks on board to heat the water and a 450 gray water tank to capture the used water.