Soap Chips


October 24th, 2014


Yesterday I was given copies photos of the trailer by way of the manufacturer. They looked great. I hope the end product is as close to that as possible.

Today I plan to spend the day gathering information. I want to know how many homeless there are in HR and where do they take showers.

We are working on a web page and should have it up and running soon.

I am getting more excited and anxious. Lord, please guide me! Amen!

A good day yesterday. I took the day off to focus on Soap Chips. I started with Harrington Graphics where I tried to meet with Rob and speak about a wrap for the trailer. I met his Dad and followed up later with an email. I went across the street to HRSD where I met Bruce Hussellbee. HE listened to my story and we exchanged cards. He gave me a brief overview of what is needed and how things work. I followed up later with an email.

I went by the Union Mission and received a ladies card there that I called a left a message.

In the AM I reached out to several VB organizations via email and phone with little success.

Now the really good news. I went to Norfolk and met with Mike Wasserberg the Director of the Homeless Dept in Norfolk. What a great and encouraging guy. Now the God moment. The night before he was meeting with some Church folks who are part of a 35 member Church group that feeds lunch to the homeless. Those folks wanted to figure out a way to do more and bam, I walk through the door. Mike is excited and plans to put us together to see if there is a match to give showers to these folks at these Churches. He also has a semi-annual program that promotes helping the homeless. The next one is at Scope in December and he has a program called NEST where homeless folks can come and sleep. It would be nice if they could take a shower beforehand. Amen!

All in all a great day. Lord, I hope and pray you are in charge and leading me. I pray this is not about me but about the folks I am helping both those who are receiving the shower and those who are giving them. Amen!